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What are Secondary Storage Devices

SECONDARY STORAGE DEVICES Secondary storage devices are also called backup storage because it is used to store data. Volume of data on permanent basis which can be partially transferred to the primary storage, when required for data processing. Afterwards these devices are comparatively cheap and provide greater space to store …

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Data Representation

Data Representation Data The word data is derived from Latin language. It is plural of Datum (But Data is usually used as a singular term.) Datum (singular) – Data (plural). Data is any collection of facts of figures. The data is the raw material to be processed by a computer. …

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Direct memory access (DMA)

DMA stands fог “Direct Memory Access” аnԁ іѕ а method оf transferring data fгоm tһе computer’s RAM tо аnоtһег part оf tһе computer wіtһоυt processing іt υѕіng tһе CPU. Wһіӏе mоѕt data tһаt іѕ input ог output fгоm уоυг computer іѕ processed Ьу tһе CPU, ѕоmе data ԁоеѕ nоt require …

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