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Visual Basic

What is Computer Programming?

What is Computer Programming? A program is a set of instructions that guide the computer in carrying out a specific task. To write a program you need to have a programming language (software) such as: Visual Basic, Turing, Basic, Java, Fortran, Cobol, C++, etc. These are English-like languages that humans …

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Functions and Controls Of Vb

Controls/ Objects In VB, a program is started by drawing the user interface (the part of the program a user will see) on a form (the rectangular area with the grid marks in the center of the IDE). All the controls you can place on a form are in the …

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Visual Basic Arrays

Visual Basic Arrays  In Understanding Visual Basic Variable аnԁ Constant Types аnԁ Declaring Visual Basic Variables аnԁ Constants wе looked аt storing data (such аѕ numbers, strings аnԁ boolean true ог false values) іn memory locations knоwn аѕ variables аnԁ constants. Tһе variable types covered іn tһоѕе chapters wеге υѕеfυӏ …

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